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Av BokPojkarna - 28 mars 2015 16:45

This is the last post and I must say that this novel was one of the most interesting novels that I´ve ever read. The novel is very well written and as soon as you start reading it you stick to it. The story about Temple and how she travels around America is really amazing. The blogging has also been quite fun, at least funnier than I expected. I think that both reading and blogging about this novel has been an interesting experiance and it is really something I would recomend for others to do. If I were supposed to recomend this novel to someone else I would say that the person must have a certain interest in both zombies and dystopias, also the person should be around Temples age or older to be able to understand the whole book and Temples feelings.

Quote: I wish sometimes people would write in pictures.



Av BokPojkarna - 27 mars 2015 18:15

This is the last post before we evaluate the novel. In this last post I´m the travel tracer, since the last stop Temple has escaped from the captivity with the mutants, she brought Maury with her and they walked along a train track for a couple of days until a train finally came and picked them up. The crew on the train said that the train stops in Longview, Texas, and therefrom she can borrow a car an drive the last part of her journey to find Maurys relatives.

Quote: I can´t promise you I ain´t gonna kill you. That would be a lie, and i can´t tolerate a lie.

Av BokPojkarna - 22 mars 2015 21:20

The book is still not very hard read, so i understand most of the things they tell.
But some words that are very usefull to know is:

Gaze = when you just gives a specifik person a look. (blick)

Residentials = vey small villages. (bostad)

Bandanna = a hat. (bandana)

Quote: "god is a slick god"

Av BokPojkarna - 22 mars 2015 12:55

So far in the book temple has met many diffrent persons, both good people and bad people. in the last chapter Temple, Maury and Moses Todd was captured by some infected people who took some fluid from the zombies brain and injected in themselves. so they became mutant giants. But Maury and Temple had the luck to escape becuase Temple killed 3 of the bad guys, Royal, Doc and Bodie. And then she took Maury with her because she feels sorry for him. He is completly denfenseless. And she left Moses Todd becasue they are not friends, Moses Todd wants to kill her and has gave her a promise that he will find her and end her life.

When Temple and Maury are on the way to texas (where Maurys relatives lives) they meet a other gang, they are very nice to Temple and Maury and will give them a ride to a town that's located nearby so they can take a car and drive to texas.

Quote: "She was light and like a fairy. And her shoes was number nine. Herring boxes wihout topses. Was sandals for that clementine.."

Av BokPojkarna - 22 mars 2015 11:23

I have now read the entire book and I must say that it's one of the best books I have ever finished. The book never gets boring, it was simply exciting all the way through. I recommend it to anybody that wants to read a very good and exciting book, and if you like zombies that's just a big plus. I liked the way we talked about the book using this blog, it's way better and easier than talking infront of our whole class. 

Av BokPojkarna - 20 mars 2015 07:45

I have now read through the hole book and it smashed my expectations, it was actually really good. I didn't have any hopes for this book when we first started but it turned out to be a really good book. It was exciting all the way through and you didn't get bored. It wasn't that bad blogging about the book either it would have been worse to have a speech about it later when the book was finished. I would recommend this book to the younger generation because of its high tension. The reason i don't recommend it for the older generation is because of its topic. I don't think they like zombies that much.

Av BokPojkarna - 13 mars 2015 12:15

Temple and Moses todd are currently captured by the bone "giants", they talk for a while before Temple breaks out and "leaves" Moses for dead. Temple and Maury (the dummy) travels for a while until they run across Lee that they knew from earlier. Teample at this point is an emotional wreck, she has nightmares about Moses and feels like she isn't a very nice person. You could say that she is having an existancal crisis.  

Av BokPojkarna - 13 mars 2015 10:17

Sympaty: When you "feel" someones pain you understand what they are going through.

Vanity: basicilly means you flatter yourself.

Gurkha: Temple calles her knife a Gurkha.

A good quote from the chapters:

"You have your mission and I got mine, there's no need to to get romatical."



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